Spotlight on Petunia

Name: Petunia
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Age: 14
Favorites: Petunia loves to lay in the sun. Her stuffed Lion – that she has had from a puppy Mouse hunting – she is better then the cats Sneaking the cat food any chance she gets.
Owner: Jean Runge

Petunia was born 1995 at Davenitch Cardigans.

I went to a dog show for the weekend and came home with a new red puppy. Hubby was so mad, he would not talk to me for 2 weeks. We had Chows and Pembrokes at the time.. Well she is the beginning of Qwaynt Cardigans. She changed our lives completely, because now we own several cardigans. She is getting old but still is my constant companion every where I go. She has slowed down alot with age but she still rules the house with an iron paw. There will never be another Petunia- – Ait Melglithci of Davenitch which is welsh for Honey Dew Dog. She is the main reason I have Cardigans to this day.

At 14 1/2 years old she still tryed to keep up with the younger dogs, and does for the most part.

The last Photo is Petunia’s great grandson Qwaynts Frost Dragon he is 5 months old in the photo.

Source: Thank you Jean!

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