What’s the Difference?

Until 1934, the Kennel Club classed the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis as two varieties of one breed. Most fanciers believe that the two breeds evolved separately, the Pembroke from the Spitz family and the Cardigan from the Dachshund family. The theory is plausible, with anatomical evidence to support it, but impossible to verify or disprove. Interbreeding between the two breeds occurred but was not widespread. With recognition of the breeds as totally separate by the Kennel Club, breeders gave up interbreeding and the individual integrity of both breeds were saved.

The differences between Pembrokes and Cardigans are as notable as are the similarities:

Similarities: Erect ears; foxy head; long, low body; intelligent; energetic; ability to herd and act as guard dog

Differences: The Pembroke is an extroversive breed, the Cardigan is friendly but may be reserved with strangers. The Pembroke’s ears are erect, firm, and of medium size, tapering slightly to a rounded point, while the Cardigan’s ears are more rounded at the tips. The Cardigan is slightly larger and more heavily boned than the Pembroke. The Pembroke’s feet generally point straight forward, while the Cardigan has a slightly bowed front with feet that point outward (no more than 30 degrees). One of the obvious differences is the tail. A Pembroke has a natural bob or docked tail and the Cardigan has a full length tail.

Source: K9Web.com

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