Spotlight on Bubba and El-a

Name(s): Bubba and El-a
Breed(s): Bubba is ½ PWC & ½ Chihuahua – El-a is a Pembroke
Age(s): Bubba turned 14 on Dec. 1, 2009 and El-a will be 7 on June 9, 2010
Owner: Andrew

bubba likes mid day siestas, and barking at birds, airplanes, and butterflies. He also likes to be picked up and loves to be the alpha. el-a (short for el-amin and named after professional basketball player Khalid el-amin because she is short and stumpy like he is) loves to greet all dogs and humans, enjoys herding people and dogs, and lives for kisses from bubba. Both dogs are very smart; sometimes too smart for their own good. They love their numerous walks each day and all the attention they get through rubs, and scratches.

Source: Thank you Andrew!

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