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My name is Jennifer Frisby and I live in Minnesota with my husband Rob, 11 year old daughter Ellie and our 4 dogs and 2 guniea pigs. Two of our dogs are Cardigan Welsh Corgis. A 5 year old male named Edward and a 3 year old female named Myrtle. (We owned 2 Pemmies in the past named Fred and Gertie.) Our other 2 dogs are drug detection dogs handled by my husband Rob. Nikki is a 13 year old Belgian Malinois and worked with Rob for 10 years. She is enjoying her retirement at home with me. Beans is a 3 year old Jack Russel/English Pointer mix who has been working with Rob since the summer of 2008.

I have my own business that I started officially in 2002. I had a website creation and hosting hosting hobby that went crazy so I turned it into a job I could do while my daughter was growing up. I own The Fan Sites Network and continue to love what I do. It allows me the freedom to be home for Ellie when she gets home from school and to bring my dogs to work with me every day!

Beans Myrtle Edward Nikki Jen and Myrtle
Rob and Myrtle Ellie Jen Rob Ellie Myrtle Edward

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