Name: Edward Frisby
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Age: 5 years
Favorites: Tennis balls, his human Ellie, car rides, hot dogs and belly rubs.

Edward is the first Cardigan we have owned. He was born on November 23, 2004 at the home of breeder Jean Runge of qwayntcwc.com and we brought him to our home on February 1, 2005. He is named after the Cardigan Welsh Corgi “Edward” from the movie The Accidental Tourist because that is the movie where we were first introduced to the breed. He has become a constant companion to our daughter Ellie and is the most rambunctious member of our pack, but is well trained and diligently obeys all humans. He is a sweet boy with infectious charm and a cherished member of our family.

Edward a few days old Edward's First Day Home! Edward at 4 months Edward Frisby

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